February 29, 2012


{So I was listening to At Anchor, and I thought to myself, "I should post these lyrics." Then I remembered that the song has no lyrics. Yet it seems every time I listen to it, I hear more than can be heard in most songs which employ the use of words.}
the wisdom of my wonderful sister

This hauntingly beautiful song has captivated my heart since the first footstep. I have listened to it time and again, letting its sound waves roll over me gently. Each time, its story refocuses, some parts becoming more clear, and others blurring to the background. I cannot really define my fascination with this song, but the words of my sister have made it more clear to me. It feels as though there are words, but all I can hear are the sounds at anchor. It is perhaps the most beautiful, speechless song I have ever listened to...

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