October 7, 2012



Selfishness won again. 

In my foolishness, in my gullibility, I hide from Him. I feel ashamed. For I am believing lies. 

The number of lies I believe is astounding. I discover more everyday. I have been living in defeat, mourning and condemning myself harshly for my mistakes. 

{Shame, also known as self-condemnation, is one of, if not the strongest, weapon Satan likes to use against us. It is the one tool he has to keep us bound to the shackles of our past even though we may have sought redemption in Christ.}
A Girl Like Me

I am clinging to my chains: insecurities, mistakes, failures. Sometimes it is for their familiarity. If I let them drop, my hands will be empty, free. I want to be free. Yet I put off my freedom because it is frightening to think of how uncomfortable and unfamiliar it will be to walk unimpeded by chains. It means I have to trust God, trust in what He is going to ask me to do. 

{Lord I falter, 
and I fall down, 
then I hold on to the chains You broke 
when You came and saved my soul.}
The Struggle, Tenth Avenue North

How ridiculous is that??! Holding on to my chains- chains that would freely fall if I just let go?! He broke them so long ago! What is this?! Pretty darn ridiculous, to put it plainly.

I have to let go. So do you. That means a whole lot of trusting is about to begin. Trusting that who I am meant to be will fit me better than who I have been, who He has overcome; trusting that through Him I can do anything.

I am scared. But also excited. He has overcome, and long ago set us free. I want to live like I believe that. Don't you?


  1. I have often thought that one of the most comforting verses ever is John 16:33

    "I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation.
    But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

    He has overcome.

    1. I have loved this verse too. I had not even thought of it, but it fits perfectly. <3