September 20, 2013


Five Minute Friday: SHE

Sister, the first. The one who shared rooms, laughs,math textbooks in high school and thoughts. 3 hours between us, yet heart not so far.

Sister the second. The one who wanted to be just like me, who learned from my failures, and blossomed early, spreading herself thin with love for her friends, like a beautiful veil falling gently to the ground.

Friend, the one who loves me with great joy. Her laughs have comforted, her chatter been food for my listening ears. Since she randomly talked to me on the bus, I realized slowly it was not random.

Friend, the one who pushes me. She is honest, and the compete opposite of me, a blessing unexpected. We push and pull, and grow together, so quickly, it has only been a year. But it feels like a lifetime.

So many more SHEs in my life, so many beautiful hearts with faces warm and souls strong. Blessings counted often, gifts of the Father.

So much love,


  1. Following after you in Five Minute Friday and I am struck by how similar our posts are!!! Looks like we were on the same wavelength this morning. What a blessing friendship is.
    Thanks for writing and sharing your post!!

  2. so many precious "shes" in our lives - how could we not feel as though our hearts are overflowing.

    thanks for visiting today-- here to return the favor. :-) glad i did.