December 14, 2013

days of Grace

Many days are messy days.

I freak out sometimes. When all the emotions have built up, they just burst like a water balloon, drenching the poor bystanders: my friends. Usually for the most pathetic and ridiculous reasons. Like spilled milk. Or Coca Cola, whatever the case may be.

Yet for some reason my friends stay. They give me some space, but they do not leave. They are potraits of, and vessels for His Grace. Undeserved love that stays.

I find it more true each day, with each eruption of ugliness, volcanically spewing from my corroded heart, hardening all around me. He breaks through my igneous and gives me innocence. He soothes my burnt lungs with the water of His love. He cools my heated temper with His patience. 

I am a dragon. Like Eustace in Narnia, I need my dragonish ways painfully removed. But oh, when the scales fall away--then I can really live! Even in the cold winters of my heart, He is the hearth I draw near to, yet the hearth that draws me near. He thaws my frozen fingers, so I can hold the cold hands of others.

“I do not admire the term ‘progressive sanctification’, for it is unwarranted by Scripture. But it is certain that the Christian does grow in grace. And though his conflict may be as severe in the last day of his life as in the first moment of conversion, yet he does advance in grace — and all his imperfections and his conflicts within cannot prove that he has not made progress.“ Charles Spurgeon

"Christianity isn’t about growing good — it’s about growing grace-filled." Ann Voskamp

So I grow, filled with grace. letting Him clear my crowded inn, to make room for the One who couldn't stop loving me.