February 14, 2014


Five Minute Friday Garden

Herbs, honey bees, sunflowers, purple coneflowers, black-eyed susans, hostas, sunlight, rain, soil, roots, seeds, leaves.

So many parts of gardens. So many pieces that make a garden grow. I miss the feel of the earth in my hands, under my fingernails, planting hope. I don't miss weeding.

But isn't that the most important part? Weeding out the bad, the in-the-way, the aggressive, the suffocating? So much to weed from my life--wasted time, fear, laziness, fear, selfishness, fear, did I mention fear?

I pray He can help me weed out all that stifles growth in the garden where my soul grows. Let courage, selflessness, love take root, and blossom for His glory. Let this winter work the hardness from me, let it soften my soil, let the snow water my roots, let His word take hold and feed.

I need His light.


  1. What a beautiful and image-laden post!
    Your thoughts here remind me the study I did years and years ago, but I still refer to often. Its called Deep Down by Tim Riter...its out of print now but you can easily find it used...all about using the analogy of gardening to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit in our fleshly bodies and world. Because it relays so heavily on gardening imagery, and I love to garden too, its principles have stayed with me over the years.

    1. wonderful! I shall have to seek it out! Thank you for your words and your time :)