March 14, 2014


Five Minute Friday: CROWD

Crowds crow at the thoughts. Crowds are the thoughts. The pressing demands of intellectuals, the pushy philosophies, the downright mean critiques, the thoughts trying to care, trying to get it right, but all just dissolving in the pixels, painting a picture of nothing.

Nothing and everything.

The thoughts crowd the quiet Voice. Stillness is impossible with all the movement like tiny waves that back-and-forth swayingly.

"In the silence of the heart, You speak." Audrey Assad.

Yet all I can do is sing the words, and quiet, stillness eludes.

I just want to be alone with the One whom my soul longs to be with.

Emmanuel, God with us.

That word has kept me going this last two weeks. Remembering that whether I am crowded by thoughts, He cannot be crowded out.

He is with us.


  1. We cannot let Him be crowded out or we will perish. This is great "In the silence of the heart, You speak." Audrey Assad. #FMF

  2. This is beautiful! thank you!
    --from a fellow crowded thinker