May 8, 2014

thanks and many thanks

Five Minute Friday
Five Minute Friday: Grateful

So I have listed for coming almost eleven months. Numbered, noticed, nudging my eyelids wide to what He does. It has not always been easy--my eyelids droop, vision dims, pen drops.

But today I am grateful for:

~the remnants of the sunset--strange blues and purples feathered and glowing in the drowsy day.
~half-hearted trust in His provision that received more than deserved
~this community of people--mostly moms it seems so often, that welcome even a funny college girl who types and reads and has a heart for those who are so brave and honest in the challenging life of motherhood
~spontaneous adventures with friends
~the best college job a girl with a creative flair could have asked for--one that helped her develop skills that might have gone unnoticed and neglected otherwise
~the gentle whirring of the fan
~His holding of me when I was too scared or tired to notice or care, and how I see so clearly that it has saved me
~lilacs in bloom


  1. Oh my how I ADORE your list!!! (Do you ever link up with Ann Voskamp for her Multitudes on Mondays?)

    Love this so much and I am so thrilled that you have joined in with the #fmfparty crowd! Great post, neighbor!

    1. thanks so much! And no--I will have to look into this Multitudes on Mondays. I love Ann Voskamp!

  2. Beautiful! Happy Friday, friend!

  3. Lovely. Visiting from 5mF. :)

  4. Great list of noticed blessings! Lilacs in bloom is one I enjoyed last weekend. They smelled so sweet.
    -an FMF neighbor :)

  5. What incredible blessings! I found your list absolutely delightful! Just visiting from FMF and sooo very glad to. Your words and your site are beautiful! I especially loved your description of the remnants of sunset. :)