September 20, 2014

fade into a new glow

That is what it feels like--this blog fades, but into a new glow, of my new blog, Stones by the River.

I want you on this journey with me.

He has plans--small big ones, and I want to give you what I can, what He can give through me.

To give you encouragement, to give you empathy, to give you small reminders, because it is the small that add up greater than anything we see as great in our lives.

So art--my illustration & graphic design skills will be used for His glory, for your knowing His glory.  And my words, hopefully even better.

There has been self-doubt. There has been back-and-forth. There has been trying to measure the success of a blog, when I should have just been counting the ways He loves. I mean, there are hundreds of other blogs. Thousands. Maybe more. Why add to the clutter?

But I ignore my small-mindedness, and I step out on the faith He asks. He doesn't promise 100 readers, or even 50. He promises that if I follow Him, I will know Him, and He will finish the work begun.

Maybe this new blog will be used to fill small spaces in lives. Maybe I won't ever know--which is probably for the best.

Being a writer is hard--the self-doubt is monumental. But there is One I cannot doubt.

So join me? Walk a few minutes every other week or so beside me? Have tea, coffee, cocoa? I will bring art, my heart and words, won't you bring your eyes and soul?


  1. Absolutely!! I'm here with you...

    I enjoy your tender humility shining through. You encourage and give courage to keep going. Your "small" is really bigger than you know.

    Keep on keeping on - being a blessing. And may you continue to have that ripple effect as you continue on in being faithful.

    Can't wait...

    1. Thanks for your cherished words and encouragement. I hope you enjoy the first post over yonder. It is up! Looking forward to walking that way with you :)