May 9, 2012

cloudy mountains

I am at a loss for a name, but I suffer from a syndrome of sorts.

Staring down the road ahead through the glass, I am lost in thought. my eyes wander to my left, always the left, and shadowy forms rise from behind the forests of trees or buildings. Deep within, my soul stirs for a moment, a flash, as my heart sees mountains. I am left with the bittersweet reality that my eyes merely see clouds.

What is it about the mountains that captivates my heart? In sorrow, it is to the mountains I long to flee. If I could but sprout wings and fly there, I think.

The reality of the clouds is not heartbreaking, however, for the clouds are beautiful themselves. Though they are not what I thought them to be at first, they are still preciously lovely.

And so 'tis in my life. My expectations are not always parallel with reality, but it makes reality no less enchanting. I think he is going to be the one, but he turns out to be a friend. A beautiful friend whose love I needed. I think that this might be a great opportunity, but it turns out to be a great lesson.

My expectations are not half as glorious as His plans. So I trust that the absence of my expected mountains detracts not from the beauty of this place.

{But as for me, I trust You} Psalm 55:23b

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