April 26, 2012

a moment or two of clarity

{all I need is You Lord,
is You Lord,
all I need is You...}

All I Need Is You 
Hillsong United

The curiously familiar chords played, stirring in my heart memories I could not yet see. They faded in and out of my mind's seemingly fifty year old television screen--blurred, discolored and speckled with age. The words flashed upon the screen and in an instant I was watching in HD the screen in my youth group's church. The room was dark but for a warm light on the band and the glaring of the white words against the dark background. It had a picture, but what that picture was, I do not recall. I was in the back, my usual spot, hands resting on the last row of chairs.

I stood as if I was there, two or three years ago at youth group, wondering how to sing those words honestly. Would I ever be able to sing those words and believe them in their utter abandon? Please, Father, let me sing them with my whole heart.

Back in the present, I realized He really does answer prayer. I sang utterly abandoned, wholeheartedly.

Then came the bridge...

{You hold the universe,
You hold everyone on earth,
You hold, yeah You hold...}

The past flashed upon my mind's screen again, higher definition than before. This time, I was seeing my past and my present. Why this bridge? It seems sort of disconnected. Out of place. Why would the artist write these words for the bridge, often, for me at least, the most impacting part of a song.

Suddenly, the screen flashed to my room on that sunny day as I read Psalm 55. The last part of verse 23 magnified, whispering its truth. "but as for me, I trust in You."

I trust You to be all I need. I can because You hold the universe and everything on earth.


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