March 15, 2013


The pale golden sunrise falls gently on my face and hands as I type this.


I have been anxious to get home, in need of comfort and respite. That excited anticipation that arises before I go home is slowly building with each tick of the clock. I long for weather that reminisces of home: spring. I long for the people who love me best, and whom I love best.

and very soon

Buried inside this homesickness I find a deeper longing. I used to think I would never love God enough to long for this. Yet I have found myself captivated by the Creator--my soul pushing at the seams of this old, frustrating flesh.

my King is coming

I imagine that there will be light akin to this sunrise when He comes. Yet it will be more. More in a way we cannot imagine. Everything will be familiar, yet more than familiar, especially Him. What of Him we have experienced is simply an echo from the future of what He will reveal to us. It will be going home to a place we have only heard of. It will be truly, fully going home.

soon and very soon

Soon--Hillsong United (Brooke Fraser)

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