March 2, 2013


Crestfallen: adjective--sad and disappointed
Origin: late 16th century: originally with reference to a mammal or bird having a fallen or drooping crest

Some days are just full of the extremities--joyful crests and confusing fallens. Perhaps that is why Crestfallen is my favorite word.

I was disappointed to learn that the origin had nothing to do with waves. I had always associated the crest of waves crashing onto the shore, or simply falling back into the ocean.

Yet it brings a fuller image to the idea of Crestfallen. There is strength and weakness implied by the lifting of a crest. I see a wintry cardinal, sitting, lonely and cold, on branch, his little crest no longer held up. Is this not how we come to Him? Broken, fallen, too weak to even hold up our heads, and He lifts them with gentleness and love. 



So on my days full of fallen, I must trust Him to lift my head, just enough so I can see His love--and give it away. 

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