July 10, 2014


Five Minute Friday: Belong

I miss it already. The slight curve of the rows of soybeans that rose and fell faintly toward the tall stand of woods. I miss it because of what was behind me as I stood watching the sun rise through hovering mists. Behind me was a place I had been petrified to go to, because a lot of past hurt dwelt in my heart. I was used to being the outlier, the one who stood a little away because most people just tolerated me and weren't sold on the idea of being my friend.

But somehow, I ended up at camp.

It was all in the small things, really. Small kindnesses of negligent importance. A small golden bear full of honey brought just for my tea. The hugs that were scattered across days. Spontaneous side-comments of honesty.

I thought I was too introverted to be a camp counselor, too shy, too weird, too nerdy, too un-athletic.

But when God is at the center, everyone belongs. Because when you belong to Him, you belong where He is. And on that small plot of land, He was in charge, and with every breeze through the wide windows of the tabernacle I knew--I belonged.

Where God calls is where I belong. "You must run the risk of fearlessly loving without running away." (Jason Gray) When I did that? When I loved with all I had? When I went where He called? I belonged. And the people around me did, too.

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  1. Yes - no running away. It only leads us to a dead end that forces our return in any case. Thanks for describing so well what it takes, in small touches, to actually feel that we belong... and for describing the courage it takes to stay until we deeply feel that acceptance.