July 23, 2014


We print it
on our coffee mugs,
tattoo it
to our skin,
slather it
on social media,
but do we really believe it?

Does it sear into our very souls?

Does it burrow in our bones?

Does it soak into our skin
like a watering rain
down in the deepest roots
of the oak
that stretch into the dark soil?

I want that.
I want it to be the
and blood that paces
in ceaseless rhythms around
the hollow tunnels of my heart.

I want the truth
to be more

than tarnish.

"I think it is virtually impossible to honestly say that knowing God, as God intends to be known by his people in the new covenant, simply means mental awareness or understanding or acquaintance with God. Not in a million years is that what “knowing God” means here...You can know about God by research; but until the researcher is ravished by what he sees, he doesn't know God for who He really is." John Piper

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