August 10, 2014


My thanks to Luke Mathys for the "earthy" metaphor describing God's love, and his lending of the idea to me.

His love is
yet unearthly.
And deep within it
I am pressed and planted,
a tiny seed,
feeling a little lost in the thick of it,
startled by the vastness
reaching softly round the globe—
immensity unable to be held or contained in frail
clay pots that break like
idols’ feet.

It is here that I wince as
my outer walls break open—
an awakening eye—and something
reaches up,
part of me I had never
known or seen or hoped for.

Waking is an ache
can I keep my eyes open?
Face the bruises and jabs from thorns,
sticks and stony hearts? Face darkness?

But here He slows me
to a pace—a place—
where I can feel textures,
lean into loam, and know,
He is closer than all that dark.

He readies me to bloom.


  1. This is really lovely...
    it reminds me a bit of my own thoughts from some time ago - when I've pondered the how to of Growing in Grace.. here is the link, to that page:

    I just want you to know I really, really enjoy your posts... your blog! It's become a new fav of mine... just wanted you to know. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much for your words here. I am glad you enjoy my posts, and I hope He will continue to use them for you. :)