August 27, 2014

letting go

This has been the song that echoes my heart. That whispered soft "I understand" when I neededwell, need it. Only He could orchestrate such a collision of music and soul. So please let the notes find routes to your heart and know that you are not alone.  Letting Go by Paul Cardall  
The ache, soft sometimes, that comes with the slow uncurling of fingers. 

The rhythmic release, repeated slowly, gently, rocking back and forth in a quiet tug-of-war. 

Thoughts of what is lost, sway forward to thoughts of what could be discovered. 

Remembering Who it is that loves first. 

Then stillness, surrender, and slow relinquishing of control, of dreams, of all that lay in sweating palms. 

Freedom follows. 

A smile curls on face, corners of mouth lifted by joy. 


  1. 'A smile curls on face, corners of mouth lifted by joy.'

    This here, my response in reading your mesmerizing words today, my Scribbler friend.

    1. and my response too, to being able to share a moment with you here. :)