October 10, 2011


This may seem a bit soon, but I am thinking about revamping this blog. I was never really happy with it-the look, the name, the theme (or lack thereof.) I had an epiphany while attempting to take a nap. I had just been looking at some of my favorite quotes and thinking about how much I love quotes, songs and poetry. I love words. I love the words of other people and thinking about my reaction to them and how those words affect me. And wisdom. Wisdom is something I almost desperately crave. I have always wished to be wise, and the wisdom I find in songs and poetry keeps me going some days. God gave me talent in turning phrases, but I admire the talent He gave to the people that I quote. I am mulling over the idea that this can be a place where I share that wisdom and its affect on me, in the hope that maybe it will help you along the way as well. I don't know what to cal it yet, I don't know what it will look like, but I know that it will be more of what I want to do. I will probably post the occasional random post about funny or amazing things that happen if I think they are worth your time. But my focus will be on quotes from literature, poetry and songs. I also will do some words (like nostalgia). I feel like this will be a better way to go for me and I am excited! Let me know what you think of the idea. Thanks!


  1. I think it is a wonderful idea! I'm excited to read all about your thoughts and ideas on the lyrics, poetry, etc.!

  2. A very wise decision. Muse away! Your header is extremely awesome as well.

  3. Thank you faithwalker and anonymous! I would love to know who you are anonymous...do I know you? My curiosity is piqued...