January 7, 2012


"We cannot always be remembering, but neither can we always be forgetting. There are times to move forward and let the past settle like dust on the windowsill, to look past the dust and live. There are also times when remembering is the most healthy thing to do. We must remember the hurt and the joy, feeling and accepting it so that we can live: free from the poking and prodding of old memories that nag us to be released.  We must remember-do not quell the wave of memories that rises inexplicably. Let your memories out of the box entitled 'never open again' and like a thousand birds, they will burst in an echoing rush of feathers: some will peck us, screeching painfully, while some will sing to us with unequaled sweetness, but they will all be free. And with their bittersweet truth, they will bring healing."


Memories and remembering have been a theme in my recent life. This quote expresses everything I have been coming to realize about remembering. What more can I say?


  1. Story of my liiiiiiiiiife. Thank you so much for this. This quote is perfect.