January 14, 2012


{wonder is involuntary praise.} Edward Young

As I stepped out into the newly fallen darkness, my breath raced away in thoroughbred fashion. I watched a thousand tiny diamonds flutter from the sky, glistening in the light of the golden lamps. The ground was thickly scattered and the trees encrusted with these gems of ice. My first reaction? My arms rose, almost involuntarily, as though it were the most natural and even necessary motion.


That gasp, the deep breath, the faint smile. Perhaps that faint, unplanned smile is the most beautiful of all.

And the most beautiful praise? That which flows naturally, unexpectedly, from our hearts. Raising eyes to the dark sky, lifting arms without thought. Twirling to expose joy that cannot be suppressed, despite straying glances and judging eyes. A chuckle of the most quiet sort, and a cloak of beauty that remains upon us and warms us for a while, even after whisking ourselves inside behind glass.

Snow. Praise Him for wonder-flinging, beautiful snow.


  1. This is the most beautiful, heart-gripping assortment of words that I've read in a while aside from the Bible. The simplicity is beautiful and the truth is inspiring.

  2. Thank you very much. That is one of the greatest compliments I have ever been given.

  3. Have you ever read Notes from a Tilt-a-whirl? N.D. Wilson goes about expressing the wonder of God's world, and I think he does a brilliant job at it. He also describes the wonder of snow and how each flake is a masterpiece of art, yet there are literally trillions of flakes per snow storm. Good post.