August 16, 2013


Five Minute Fridays

the more I grow, the smaller I feel.

I have always been small--never quite able to reach the top cupboard, or the social status, or the furthest person away. I don't keep many close. I don't walk in the light of greatness. I often go unnoticed.

I used to feel invisible and lonely. My smallness makes me hard to find in crowds, hard to notice in large groups. My small voice barely reaches the quietest of shouts, my small hands always feel so empty.

Then I was taught, slowly and lovingly that smallness is greatness. I am concise with words, concise as a person, a condensed soul. My smallness, my quietness makes room for His loudness, His greatness. I am so small. He is so big. The more I know, the bigger He gets, and the smaller I feel.

I cannot do anything apart from Him. In small ways He pours great love into and through me, trickling out to the hands around me. My small arms give great hugs I am told, and my small words encourage big change, I am told. And it is in my smallness that He is greatest. And the view down here is alive with small gifts, small ways He loves.

I am so small.

He is so big.

I pray to grow smaller.


  1. Hallo Scribbler, visiting from FmF. A poignant post, beautifully written. I am small in the face of His greatness, too.

  2. From one girl of small stature to another, small isn't really a problem, it just is. And those small gifts of love reach us also. Learning to be small in His bigness is a blessing and a joy. Thank you for sharing your five minutes