August 30, 2013


They stood.

I sat.

They bellowed.

I whispered.

It was the first time, the very first, that I didn't feel uncomfortable doing my own thing. I felt His presence, I sang in quiet ways to Him. I love singing, but in all honesty, it is not my most authentic worship.

{Wonder is involuntary praise.} Edward Young

These words, penned far from my own eyes, have tattooed themselves to my mind. I gasp at the way the light falls, smile at the rolling mist, feel the brush of leaves against my palm; these are my moments of worship.

When gratitude, that blessed eucharisteo, rolls over my soul, and flattens complaints and worries.

When I choose Him over others.

When I am afraid, but I walk on.

To trust Him is to worship Him.

Five Minute Fridays!


  1. Thanks for visiting me ... I wanted to let you know you have a gift! I can see it in this little post here. Beautifully written!~Cassandra, your FMF neighbor.

  2. "To trust Him is to worship Him." What a beautiful reminder. Thank you, friend.